How We're Different

Exclusive ProMo
Measuring Capability

Knowing your Progressive Motility (ProMo) count is crucial when you’re trying to get pregnant. Unlike other at-home tests, SwimCount™ rigorously tests your sperm to let you know if your ProMo is up to the job.

The SwimCount Difference
ProMo Matters Our Fertility Obstacle Course

The SwimCount™ device is specifically designed to have sperm mimic the path they would travel to reach and fertilize an egg.

We Spot Superior Sperm

When compiling your ProMo score, SwimCount™ only counts sperm that can swim in a straight line or in large circles — and can actually reach the egg.

Sperm reaching egg
Quick, Easy-to-Read Result

Get the answers you need in just 30 minutes (after sample prep) in the comfort of your own home. Not thrilled with your result? See our Resources section for ways to improve your ProMo.

We’ll Keep It Discreet

Hey, this is a private matter. Order your SwimCount™ kit from us and we’ll send it to you in discreet packaging.

Easy-to-read result