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Frequently Asked Questions
How does the SwimCount™ test work?
There are 3 chambers to the device. Only Progressive Motile Sperm Cells can swim successfully from chamber #1 (the Sample Chamber) into chamber #2 (the Separation Chamber). There, your Progressive Motile Sperm Cells are stained with a dye which produces the color in chamber #3 (the Detection and Result Window). The more Progressive Motile Sperm Cells in your semen sample, the darker the color in the window and the higher your ProMo score. Remember: A Progressive Motile Sperm Cell is the only kind that can fertilize an egg.
How do I use the SwimCount™ test?
Download the full instructions for use using the links at the top of this page.
Are there any factors that I should be aware of that can destroy the test result?
Yes, the following can destroy your test result:

  • Taking the test too soon after your last ejaculation (should be at least 2 days after, but not more than 7)
  • If there is not exactly 0.5 mL of the semen sample collected in the syringe
  • Not keeping the device steady on a horizontal surface throughout the test
  • If there are bubbles in the semen sample when put into the device
  • If the device is shaken during testing
How long should the result stay in the device?
The test result should be read within 5 minutes of pulling back the slider. The result may become unreliable if left longer. It is recommended to take a picture for documentation within 5 minutes. After that, the test result in the device will no longer be valid.
Is there anything I can do to improve my Progressive Motile Sperm Cell count?
Yes. Please visit our "Resources" section to see current recommendations and research findings.
What are Progressive Motile Sperm Cells?
Progressive Motility (or ProMo) is the sperm cell’s ability to swim to the egg and fertilize it. Progressive Motile Sperm Cells are the only type of sperm cells that can make a woman pregnant.
How long should I wait before my next sperm test?
It takes 72 to 90 days for new sperm to develop and be ready for ejaculation. So, even if you implement lifestyle changes, you may not see dramatic changes for 2–3 months. However, it is possible for your score to improve month to month.
How accurate is SwimCount™?
SwimCount™ has a clinically proven 91% accuracy rate.
Why is SwimCount™ better than other tests on the market?
SwimCount™ is the only at-home test that measures the concentration of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells in your semen — the only sperm cells that can reach and fertilize an egg and make a woman pregnant.
My Progressive Motile Sperm Count is low. Is it urgent that I address this?
The sooner you identify an infertility problem, the sooner you can start lifestyle changes or fertility treatment for better chances of getting pregnant. Fertility decreases by age, so the sooner you’re treated, the better.

Get a Closer Look The SwimCount Device
Sample Well

This is where you’ll add your semen sample, which you’ll collect from the cup using the syringe.


This is used to activate the test and reveal your result.

Action Window

Look here for icons to indicate what’s going on inside the device during the testing process.

Result Window

Look here to see your result. Be sure to read your result within 5 minutes after pulling the slider back, otherwise you may get a false positive result.

See the full instructions for use [ in English | en Español ]

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