Using the Kit

The SwimCount Kit
Your SwimCount Kit Contains
  • Our patented SwimCount™ testing device
  • A semen collection cup
  • A transfer syringe
  • Easy-to-follow instructions in English and Spanish

What won’t you find? Any messy solutions to add or tricky tools that overcomplicate things.

Using SwimCount is Easy The SwimCount Device

Collect your semen sample in the Collection Cup and let it sit 30 minutes to liquify. Stir the sample 10 times.

Add 0.5 mL to the sample well and push the slider all the way forward slowly until you hear a clicking sound to activate. Wait 30 minutes.

Pull the slider all the way back to see your result. The color in the result window indicates whether your ProMo is above or below the threshold for normal sperm.

See the full instructions for use [ in English | en Español ]

The SwimCount Device
Reading Your Result Concentration of progressive motile sperm (numbers in million per milliliter)
<5 M

Your progressive motile sperm concentration is below the normal level for fertile men, meaning you have a decreased chance of getting your partner pregnant naturally. See below for ways to improve your ProMo, or consult your doctor.

>5 M

Your progressive motile sperm concentration is in the normal range for fertile men, meaning you have a better chance of getting your partner pregnant naturally within 12 months.

Ways to Improve Your ProMo

If your ProMo is low, you should consult a medical professional.
Or, you can take the following steps to improve your health before taking another SwimCount™ test.

Improve Overall Health

Combining healthy eating with regular exercise will help improve the quality and quantity of your sperm.[1]

Reduce toxins
Eliminate Toxins

Smoking, recreational drugs, and excessive drinking are all known to damage sperm quality and reduce male fertility.[2] [3]

Reduce stress
Keep Cool

Keep your testicles as cool as possible by avoiding hot environments and wearing loose-fitting underwear (like boxer shorts).

See our Resources section for more ways to improve your ProMo.

When to test again? When to expect changes?
When Should You Test?

Use SwimCount™ 2–7 days from your last ejaculation for best results and the healthiest possible sperm sample. Many people test monthly around their partner's ovulation cycle.

When You Can Expect Changes

Want to make some lifestyle changes and retest? It takes up to 72 days for new sperm to develop and be ready for ejaculation, so you may not see dramatic changes for 2–3 months. However, it is possible for your score to improve month to month.